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Hindhu Dharma Classes Every Thursday 7:30pm

Note: Download the handouts of the next class here and keep them handy before the class starts. You can download the audio file in MP3 after the class is over.
Check the brief outline to the course with the schedule.

 Class date Hindhu Dharma Chapter & Lesson Title Download documents
2008-12-18 Religious Personalities

Ramana Maharshi by C.S. Pichumoni

2008-12-11 Saints of India (15th and 16th Century)

Bhakta Kabir by Himanshu Pathak

Mirabai by Nimisha Bhatt

2008-12-04 Bhakti movement of 15th Century

Bhakti Movement by Himanshu Pathak

Vallabhacharya by Umesh Shukla

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu by Umesh Shukla

2008-11-20 Resurgence of Hinduism (Ramanuja and Madhva Acharyas)

Vaishnavism by Umesh Shukla

Ramanuja by Kishin Kripalani

Madhavacharya by Umesh Shukla

2008-11-13 Resurgence of Hinduism (Shankaracharya)

Resurgence of Hindu Religion - Shankaracharya by Kishin Kripalani

Accomplishments of Sri Shankaracharya by Satish Talekar

2008-11-06 Buddha and Buddhism

Buddha's Life Story by Nimisha Bhatt

Buddha's Teachings by Lov Kher

Evolution of Buddha's Teachings by K.J. Sharma

2008-10-30 Age of Epics and other religions

Puranas by K.J. Sharma

2008-10-23 Content of Vedas

Samhita by Kishin Kripalani

Brahmana and Aranyaka by Satish Talekar

Upanishads by K.J. Sharma

2008-10-16 Evolution of Vedas

Guru-Sishya Parampara by C.S. Pitchumani

The Rishis by Kishin Kripalani

The Vedas by Satish Talekar

2008-10-02 Origin of Aryans
Origin of Aryans by Kishin Kripalani

Argument Against Aryan Migration to Indian Subcontinent by K.J. Sharma

2008-09-25 Hindhu Dharma - Introduction, Ancient Indian Civilization
Ancient Indian Civilization - Recent Excavations by Satish Talekar

Saraswati River Valley Civilization - Introduction by Bandaru Rajarao

Indus Valley Civilization - Earlier Excavations by Kishin Kripalani



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