Residential Facility for Elderly and Ailing Disciples

Some of Pujya Swamiji’s ordained disciples are now struggling with old age or illness and lack the means to care for themselves properly.  In the coming years, their numbers are sure to grow.

In response to this need, a residential facility is being built in Haridwar to provide shelter and personal care. This facility will be located at the site of Swami Taranandaji’s ashram, which has remained unoccupied for several years. The old buildings have already been torn down and Swami Taranandaji’s samadhi has been carefully preserved. Bhumi Puja was performed by Swami Suddhanandaji on 28 December 2018 and construction is now underway.

The well-designed four-storey building will provide 21 rooms, kitchen, dining room, satsang hall, office, and staff quarters.  Swami Suddhanandaji is in charge of the project and all construction expenses are being provided by the Dayananda Anugraha Fund.  Completion is expected by 23 September 2019, to commemorate Pujya Swamiji’s mahasamadhi.