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Finding God without Faith

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Swami Tadatmananda's lectures on Finding God without Faith are available online.
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Finding God without Faith

a series of lectures by
Swami Tadatmananda

Explore the insights of sages and mystics who rejected dogma and relied instead
on their own experience and insights to guide their search for God.

Lectures presented in 1997.

bullet Talk 1:     Knowledge and Belief - What is the difference? How is knowledge of God possible?
bullet Talk 2:     Christian Mysticism - via positiva: the way of affirmation and via negativa: the way of negation.
bullet Talk 3:     Vision of the Vedic Sages - There is not one God; there is only God.
bullet Talk 4:     God, World and You - Discovering the reality underlying all that exists.
bullet Talk 5:     Destiny and Grace - Does prayer work? If so, how? Does God control our destiny?
bullet Talk 6:     Symbolism in Worship - Are rituals meaningful? If God is one, why worship many forms?
bullet Talk 7:     Meditations and Contemplation - Hindu and Christian practices for seeking God directly.
bullet Talk 8:     Religion and Spirituality - The future of religion in a rational, scientific post-modern world.


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