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Guided Meditations
by Swami Tadatmananda

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Each guided meditation session has two parts: Introduction and Meditation.
Be sure to listen to the Introduction first; it contains important instruction for the associated Meditation.

The guided meditations below are arranged in categories that correspond to each chapter in “Meditation: A Journey of Exploration.” However, they do not match up with the exercises in the book.

New guided meditations are continually being added below. Be sure to check back for new ones.

Basic Techniques (Chapter 1-Building A Strong Foundation)

Training your Mind
Like teaching a child, your mind can be trained to be focused during meditation.
Meditation: om narayani namo ‘stu te

Inner Peace (Chapter 2-Turning Within: Finding Inner Peace)

Shanti and Silence
Find the true source of peace within yourself.
Meditation: om shantih shantih shanti

Guidance of the Gurus
Spiritual guidance to lead us to find happiness and contentment at its true source - within.
Meditation: Dakshinamurti Mantra

Meditation and Renunciation
Withdrawing your attention from the outside world and focusing it within yourself is a fundamental practice of renunciation.
Meditation: panduranga vitthala hari narayana

Ujjayi Pranayama
Complete explanation of this breathing technique which has a profound calming effect on body and mind.
Meditation: Ujjayi Pranayama

Concentration (Chapter 3-Concentration: Focusing Your Mind)

Being in the Present Moment
Learn to keep your attention on the present moment by focusing on your breath.
Meditation: Prana Vikshana (breath awareness)

Stopping Verbal Chatter
Learn to break the habitual train of verbal thinking in meditation.
Meditation: Gong / guided observation

Mantra Japa (Chapter 4-Mantra Japa)

Basics of Meditation
Restrain your mind from wandering and train it to stay focused on a mantra
Meditation: om sri ram jay ram jay jay ram

Inherent power of mantras
Employ the inherent power of mantras - mantra shakti - to turn your attention towards the divinity within.
Meditation: om namo bhagavate vasudevaya

Gayatri Mantra
Meaning and symbolism of God as sun representing source of spiritual wisdom.
Meditation: Gayatri Mantra

Om - Four Principles
Chanting of om is based on four principles - name, sound, meaning & symbolism.
Meditation: om tad brahma, om tad vayu, om tad atma, om tat satyam

Sakshi Bhavana/Vipassana (Chapter 5-Witnessing Your Mind)

Sakshi Bhava - Witnessing your Mind
Learn to become the passive, silent witness of your mind’s activities.
Meditation: Sakshi Bhava: witnessing body, breathing, and mind.

Spiritual Growth (Chapter 6-The Psychology of Meditation)

Letting Go of Attachment
Learn how your contentment does not depend on external situations.
Meditation: Mahamritunjaya mantra

Freedom from Suffering
Discover how the problem of suffering and its solution is in your mind.
Meditation: om sri ram jay ram jay jay ram

Releasing Accumulated Stress
Learn how to use a breathing technique known as nadi shodhana pranayama to release accumulated stress.
Meditation: nadi shodhana pranayama

Surrender-Letting Go
Understanding Ishvara's order in the laws of nature and in our lives.
Meditation: om namo vishnave prabhavishnave

Cleansing the Mirror-Mind
All experiences are reflected by the mind. Mental impurities which distort those experiences must be removed.
Meditation: om namah shivaya

Dealing with Crisis
Learn to detach yourself to find inner peace, even in times of crisis.
Meditation: om namah shivaya 3

Emotional Growth (Chapter 7-Meditation for Emotional Growth)

Antahkarana Shuddhi - Purification of Mind
Free your mind from hurt, anger, and frustration
Meditation: om namah shivaya

Meditation on Gratitude
Cultivating gratitude by creating new samskaras (impressions) through a technique called pratipaksha bhavana.
Meditation: dhanyo 'ham

End of Life Meditation
Decision making and perspective on life become clear from the standpoint of life's final days.
Meditation: Contemplation on each decade of life / om namo narayanaya

Dealing with undesirable traits in oneself and others
Use of pratipaksha bhavana to remove undesirable traits.
Meditation: guided reflection, lokas samastas sukhino bhavantu

Healing Emotional Wounds
Learn to use meditation to let go hurt, resentment, and blame.
Meditation: om harih om shri krishna sharanam mama

Maha Validation
Using meditation to turn to Ishwara for understanding, validation, and healing.
Meditation: Embrace me dear Lord - Song by Rabindranath Tagore

Devotional Meditation (Chapter 8-Devotional Meditation: Upasana

Ganapati - Understanding Ishvara's Will
Mature prayer invokes Ishvara's blessings without childish hope for miracles.
Meditation: gam ganapataye nama om

In the Presence of Bhagavan
Find Bhagavan's sacred presence within yourself.
Meditation: gopijana-vallabha-caranan sharanam prapadye

Darshan - You are not Alone
Discover how you are never separate from Bhagavan.
Meditation: jay radhe jay radhe

The Temple Within
Discover Bhagavan's presence on the altar of your heart.
Meditation: sri rama rama ram

God as Mother
Prayer to Durga invokes blessings of shakti (power) and assurance.
Meditation: om dum durgam devim sharanam aham prapadye

Advanced Techniques (Chapter 9-Going Deeper: Advanced Techniques)

Moment of Silence
Abide as pure consciousness in the absence of thoughts during the gap between mantras.
Meditation: om namah shivaya 2

Om chanting
Om is understood as a + u + m + silence. These four elements are interpreted in two different ways for contemplation.
Meditation: om-kara recitation

Contemplation - Nididhyasana
Vedantic contemplation for assimilation of spiritual wisdom.
Meditation: sat-cit-ananda svarupo `ham

Inner Divinity
Three stages of practice - faith, knowledge, assimilation - for becoming established in one's true nature.
Meditation: so'ham mantra

Nididhyasana - Being Yourself
Remove habitual wrong thinking to abide in your true nature
Meditation: Guided Contemplation

Experiential Validation
Learn how to use meditation to validate truths you have already understood.
Meditation: om namah shivaya 2

Obstacles to Knowing
Learn how to remove vagueness, doubts, and habitual wrong thinking.
Meditation: om aim sarasvatyai namah

Other Topics (Chapter 10-Developing Your Practice)

Relaxation vs Concentration
Learn to focus and concentrate your attention for the sake of attaining samadhi.
Om chanting with pranayama

Hidden Reality
Discovering the reality we seek that is hidden in plain sight.
om tad brahma, om tad vayu, om tad atma, om tat satyam


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