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Finding God without Faith

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Spiritual Journey of Life

An Introduction to the Teachings of Vedanta - A Series of 8 Lectures by
Swami Tadatmananda

Explore paths of spiritual growth discovered by the sages of ancient India.

Lectures Presented in 2002

bullet Life as a sacred pilgrimage:     Talk 1a     Talk 1b
bullet Seeking happiness on the journey of life:     Talk 2a     Talk 2b
bullet Obstacles in the path to hapiness:     Talk 3a     Talk 3b
bullet Solving the fundamental problem of life:     Talk 4a     Talk 4b
bullet Confusion about ourselves - the source of suffering:     Talk 5a     Talk 5b
bullet Returning to your true nature (with guided meditation):     Talk 6a     Talk 6b
bullet Your true nature - pure consciousness:     Talk 7a     Talk 7b
bullet What next? The journey continues:     Talk 8a     Talk 8b


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